Improve Relative Bodyweight Strength

Learning like an athlete, the lean gains methodology

A tweet by Alexander:

This is the most direct way to assess if you are building muscle and losing fat. How many pushups, chinups, dips, lunges, and squats can you do in one set? Aim for these numbers:

  • 50 pushups

  • 20 dips

  • 12 chinups or pullups

  • 100 lunges (50 on each leg)

  • 100 bodyweight squats

Fasting guide by Trevor:

Week 1: Fast for 12 hours daily Example: Eat from 8 AM-8 PM, Fast from 8 PM-8 AM 

Weeks 2 - 3: Fast for 14 hours daily Example: Eat from 10 AM-8 PM , Fast from 8 PM-10 AM 

Week 4: Fast for 16 hours daily Example: Eat from 12 PM-8 PM, Fast from 8 PM-12 PM 

Weeks 5 - 8: Fast for 16-18 hours You get the picture with the feeding / fasting windows At this point you want to begin working out while fasted Some days you do cardio, some days you do resistance training, some days you do both; but it’s all fasted Drink water with pink salt before you workout; electrolytes & minerals are easily depleted during fasted workouts 

Weeks 8 - 12: Fast for 16-18 hours daily; one 22 hour fast once a week Same rules, fast 16-18 daily, push to 18 when you feel like you can. 

The more often you do so, the better. Implement a 22 hour fast day on a day that you know you will be productive. I don’t do these on the weekends, because personally, I like to relax on the weekend. Tough to relax when you’re forcefully starving yourself. Much easier to do so when you’re engaged in something, this way you utilize the cognitive edge induced by prolonged fasts

Notes by me:

Deep Work: Three hours of focus every day will change your professional life.

You Are Your Own Gym: biking in the sun, intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, and exercising every day will change your physique.

Daily exercise stack example:

  • 60 jumping jacks

  • 60 pushups

  • 60 squats

  • 60 situps

  • 60 calf raises

  • 3 1 minute planks

  • Do it daily for 30 days straight, take breaks to complete the workout, and see how you feel. The simple adage applies: work hard.

Atomic Habits: religious activity every day will change your identity.

It's every day, bro. The eighth wonder of the world is compound interest.

The biggest problem is not about motivation, it is about the purpose of the lean gains method. Why is it so vital to success?

Is this methodology mine? No. It is for all.

Is it simple? Yes. It is built on the idea that you are your own gym. 

Is it easy? No. It requires a firm belief in personal development and responsibility. 

The knowledge of the lean gains methodology I have acquired over the course of many videos created by Jeremy Ethier, Jeff Cavaliere, Mark Lauren, Thomas DeLauer, Blake Bowman, Jeff Nippard, Chris Heria, and more reliable fitness YouTubers out there.

These people have, via synthesis of their daily fitness-related output, have helped me to formulate a comprehensive understanding of how to achieve lean gains in fitness and beyond that, energize life. 

Without delving too deeply into the matter, I wish to highlight the basic pillars of the lean gains method (all of which can be looked up online more thoroughly):

  1. Resistance training

  2. Intermittent fasting

  3. Ketogenic diet

20% of the causes account for 80% of the results. Confuse the causes of your lean gains success like Arnold recommends confusing your muscles during a workout.

Adhere to all three principles in tandem.

How to understand the principles? You must establish a belief and certainty that you: 

  1. Can lose fat by intermittent fasting

  2. Can build muscle by resistance training

  3. Can create a healthy lifestyle with ketogenic diet

Learn like an athlete.

Update: a tweet by Jason Helmes

Mindset Shift for 2021:

If you just eat whole foods, you won’t even have to “cut out sugar”. It’s a small mindset shift, but focusing on what you CAN do is more powerful than focusing on what you can’t do.

Instead of “don’t eat sugar”.

“Eat real food.”