How To Save Money When Traveling

Tim Ferriss tips

  • Use credit cards with reward points for large muse-related advertising and manufacturing expenses

  • Purchase tickets far in advance (three months or more) or last minute, and aim for both departure and return between Tuesday and Thursday

  • Consider buying one ticket to an international hub and then an ongoing ticket with a cheap local airline

How to pack:

  1. One week of clothing appropriate to the season, including one semi formal shirt and pair of pants or skirt for customs. Think T-shirts, one pair of shorts, and a multipurpose pair of jeans.

  2. Backup photocopies or scanned copies of all important documents: health insurance, passport/visa, credit cards, debit cards, etc.

  3. Debit cards, credit cards, and $200 worth of small bills in local currency

  4. Small cable bike lock for securing luggage while in transit or in hostels; a small padlock for lockers if needed